Review: It’s Skin Prestige Creme D’Escargot

image If you are a huge fan of Korean skincare products, you would be aware that escargot/ snail cream is dubbed the miracle holy grail product most Korean ladies (who have super awesome and flawless skin) swear by. When It’s Skin’s Prestige Creme d’escargot was launched in 2009, it literally flew off the shelves, selling a whopping 70,000 boxes during its early launch.

Snail slime has been incorporated into many European cosmetics for many years but as you know, anything touched by the Koreans seem to become instant hits (They have magic fingers, I guess). According to reports, these snails are actually fed with ginseng! So I guess their mucin are already infused with ginseng.

This cream is one of It’s Skin’s best selling star products. It has one of the highest concentrate of snail extract at 21%. Benefits of snail slime include: helping to soothe and regenerate your dull skin, skin whitening, as well as anti wrinkle effects. I found many before-and-after photos of product users online showing a significant improvement their skin.

To be honest, I have never heard or tried any products from It’s Skin. I happened to chance upon this item when I was out shopping with bestie at Bugis Street. I got it at a corner shop selling a lot of Korean beauty and skincare products. The creme retails for $90++, or you can get it at Changi Airport for $70.80.

imageProduct: It’s SKIN Prestige Creme D’Escargot (60ml)

imageBenefits: The creme contains EGF (epidermal growth factor) which helps to rejuvenate damaged and mature skin for young, smooth and dewy appearance (Taken from Changi Airport website)

Ingredients: As all the information listed in official sources are in Korean, I wasn’t sure what the ingredients are. I found the ingredients listed in English from CosDNA. Please do look through the list and look out for possible ingredients that you might be allergic to.

imageTexture: It has a slightly thicker consistency but it adsorbs well into the skin and does not leave a sticky residue.

imageAfter applying toner and serum, use a spatula to scoop up a small amount of cream for application.

imageWhen I gently massage the cream on the drier areas of my face (cheeks and chin area), my skin would absorb it almost immediately. Sometimes when my skin decides to be a brat, I would use it under my makeup to create a more dewy finish and my makeup would look flawless. I find the scent light and I love how supple my skin looks after application.

Although the packaging is beautiful, the product you get is actually quite little as compared to the size of the packaging. Plus it takes up a bit of space in my skincare drawer but it is a nice display ornament to have after you have finished using it.

Do take note it is rather bulky and not very ideal for traveling. I suggest transferring it into a travel size container.


This a relatively good moisturizer and comparable with my YSL day cream. Application is smooth and absorption is immediate. I purchased this item for $45 which is half the price it is retailing for. It’s a steal and works well for me.

Will I repurchase the item? If I am getting it at $45, then maybe. However, I am happy with my YSL cream and Chanel cream and I have backups of them to use. However this is a luxury, splurge item to have to pamper your skin once in a while.

***/5 stars (How does it feel to have snail slime on your face?)

Have you tried this product? Do you like it? Share with me and other snail creme that you love and I would be on the lookout for them.

Go be Beautiful~ XOXO

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2 Responses to Review: It’s Skin Prestige Creme D’Escargot

  1. Becky says:

    I would like to know the official ingredients of this product in English? I bought this in China town in Perth Australia for $40 only because I only liked the bottle design.
    I found the same that the perfume was too overpowering to put on my face and would prefer to not put perfume on my face at all. It’s unnecessary really as the perfume fads away once it’s left on your skin and then it just irritates it.
    I found that even a cheaply Nivea face cream, did a better job than this.
    It was truly disappointing. I think there is too many artificial ingredients that out way the benefits which are second to none. I have a very pale white complexion but I noticed when I used this my skin became slightly darker in colour like like yellow beige colour.
    I think maybe because of all the artificial ingredients in it. I’m sensitive to the high perfume skin creams in contact on my face and neck it irritates my skin even more.

    I would rather put a more naturally based product on my face and necklatage because I Also experienced the same problem as a few others that had written reviews. I also broke out during my first week and second week of using it, like I’m having an allergic reaction to the ingredients in it. I feel it’s very chemical based and thus not effective not of high quality. I Like the jar design but that’s about it. It looks like the shape of a diamond and highly prestiges looking so nice on the dresser, but Would I get it again? Definitely no. I find that there are far more high quality skin care products in Japan and in Germany and of course natural plant based products that are more effective than this one and half the price of this Korean product.
    Anyway I would reuse the jar again after I finished it with another cream inside the jar that is more effective on my skin than this one. A product that is naturally good for my complexion where I can truly see results.

    Anyway a nice jar to put on my dresser that’s for sure.

    • Alicia says:

      Hi Becky

      I guess same products works differently for each person. I do not have the official list of ingredient for the product.

      To me, I have no issue with the smell or how the products reacts with my skin. It could probably be certain ingredients that is causing a reaction. However, I will not pay full price as I agree there are many good products out there. I am currently using YSL/Chanel cream so I have not repurchased this.

      Also, the packaging is really bulky which I do not like. It is nice just too big to carry around.

      Do you have any recommendation for the cream you are interested in/ using currently?

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