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I was super excited to learn that there was going to be a Laneige Lucky Holiday Workshop, what’s more, Bestie will be on her 1 week break and we will be able to attend together. The makeup trainer will be Cat Koh! I have attended her class in February with Eileen. She is so bubbly and sweet, I enjoy her classes and the many tips she shares with the class!

The workshop was held at a private dining area in Swissotel Equinox Restaurant (so classy!) and the view was beautiful. Initially we have opted to attend the afternoon class, but I received an invitation for a Samantha Thavasa Fashion show which I thought I should not miss too. So I asked bestie if she was okay if we went for the morning session instead. We met at CCK MRT at 9am and barely made it on time for the class (Phew~!)




This was the magnificent range of products that greeted me at 10am! I love it so much! I wish I have the money to get all the eye shadow palettes, the Playnomore Shygirl Lip Gel, the blushes and the entire skincare range.


Wefie of us, barefaced. I remember going for the class in February with full faced make up. When I was told by my table’s MUA that I have to remove all my makeup, I stupidly asked her if I have a choice not to, since I am already using the BB cushion? (I know right, stupid question!! HAHAHA). I was told that I have to, since the purpose of this workshop is also to showcase their skincare range. So I told bestie the day before we do not have to put on makeup since it will be wiped off within an hour.


So here we are, barefaced and waiting excitedly for class to start.



We first learned the 4 steps of Laneige Waterful Care Regime. Each step is a guide on how to use their skincare products and how and where do we apply them. Tina also mentioned it is good to massage your face gently and will help your skin look more supple and smooth.


Next, Cat started on how to apply the bb cushion. After a while, we find that the sponge does not pick up the product in the cushion. Like a sponge, with the pressing down motion we do when we want to apply our bb cream, the product will sink to the bottom. So what we can do is to use a tool to flip the sponge inside out. Of course, if you have used your cushion for more than a year, it is highly recommended to change to a new cushion. That is especially recommended as our climate is mostly humid, bacteria tends to thrive easily!




During the winter months in Korea, the ladies tend not to use powder to set their foundation as a they strive to achieve a dewy look. However it is nearly impossible for us living in humid climate regions. One trick I learn is not to apply loose powder all over your face as it may make your makeup look cakey. Instead, powder along the hairline and jawline. The area that you apply powder will stay matte and not reflect light,thus this gives an illusion of a smaller face. Apply powder to the corner of your nose, this would make you look like you have a higher nose bridge.

For Koreans, they do fake-up instead of make up. What is fake-up? It is doing your make up but it’s so natural that you look like you are naturally glowing and pretty, without any additional “help”. They tend to keep their eye makeup au naturel, the lips would be their main focus, thus they tend to apply bright lipsticks.


To achieve a fake-up look, you can try this steps

  1. Do not apply your eyeliner on your lash line as it will be obvious that you have applied eyeliner

What do you do instead?

a. You draw them between your lash and waterline. This way, it is more natural and you will look as though you have naturally defined eyes and thick lashes.

To create the cat eye look. Look straight into the mirror, eyes opened and draw a winged out liner. This winged out liner will help elongate your eyes naturally.

2. We always learn that we should apply the blush on the apples of your cheek. But as time passes and we grow older, our skin will start to sag. Thus we will realize our blusher will be applied at weird areas of your face.

What do you do instead?

b. The area you should be applying your blush should be outside your eyeball, above your nose. The powder blush will create a matte look. Thus it will look like you are blushing, not because you have used a blusher.

So, in Korea, you don’t do make-up, you do fake-up!!

After the session, we decided to go around to do selca (selfie) with the MUA. Many of them were in love with my Casio Mr-1 selfie camera. Can’t deny it’s really compact and I love the makeup effect!

The Makeup I have used during the workshop

  • Lumi Block Primer
  • BB Cushion (pore control) in no. 21 Natural Beige
  • Watery Cushion  Concealer in No. 2
  • Water Supreme Finishing Pact in No. 21
  • Pure Radient Blush in No 4 Coral Blossom
  • Pure Radiant Shadow in No. 8 Cashmere Coral
  • Lip Gel in No. 10 Squeeze Plum

image image  imageimage

Thank you Laneige Team for organizing this workshop! I know I have been to many Laneige workshop for these past few years but I always learn something new from each class.

Did you know you can warm up your fingers (rubbing them together) and press it against your lashes, it acts like a lash curler. Did you know you can do that? Neither do I!

I am grateful to be able to learn from Laneige’s Global MUA, Cat, all the tips and tricks of fake-up! :) No doubt if there are future classes organized by Laneige, I will be there!


Product_Lucky-Holiday-BB-Cushion_01_370 These were the goodies I have redeemed with my $80 voucher. I got the Limited Edition Lucky Holiday sets. I am so in love with the cushion case! It has red and gold, 2 of my favorite colors. I think it is time to retire my normal cushion and start using this just because the case is too pretty and the colors are so festive! :)

The Laneige Lucky Holiday sets are available now in stores! (Images taken from Laneige Facebook Page) – This are the few sets I have redeemed, or would consider buying for myself or as a gift.


Hydration Set, $60 (items retails at $89). The Essence absorbs well into your skin and doesn’t leaves it feeling sticky. I tried this during our workshop and I think it helps my makeup go on easier. I would consider getting this as a gift for a friend this Christmas.


Plum colors are a rage in Korea now. These colors are being used, during the workshop, to create the Lucky Diamond and Spade look for the holidays. The lip gel colors are the same as the one in the Playnomore range.

Hope you enjoy this post and I would recommend anyone to join Laneige’s future workshop! If you read my post and see me there, come say Hi to me too!

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A L I C I A Full Time Daydreamer. Makeup junkie I enjoy watching beauty videos on Youtube. It helped me to learn the basis on makeup. I am a thrill seeker, and I enjoy roller coaster rides. I love history and would try to visit the museums once in a while. In my free time, I enjoy photography (not professionally), scrapbooking, playing with make up.
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