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Amateur Japanologist. Aspiring academic. Loves Taiwanese Puppetry. Enjoys learning new languages, cultures, and the arts. A curious traveller who likes exploring unknown lands.

Collectors Series: A Frozen Journey (Part 1)

Hello! The strange thing is whenever I have plans to do a post, other work-related stuff tends to pop up. So, yea, hence the delay. Sorry for the long wait, but hey, good things come to those who wait (haha, … Continue reading

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Pili Fantasy World of Puppet Art 霹靂藝術科幻特展

Two months ago, I was in Taipei specifically for Pili’s latest exhibition: Pili Fantasy World of Puppet Art or 霹靂藝術科幻特展 (if you can read mandarin). This is by far the best puppet exhibition I have ever attended because of its grand … Continue reading

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Enter the World of Pili Puppetry 進入霹靂布袋戲世界

It may seem a little strange that my first travel/cultural experience post is not about Japan but Taiwan. I am not sure how many people feel the same way, but having been to both countries multiple times, to me, Taiwan … Continue reading

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