Missha x LINE Friends Collection

This is the second collaboration Missha is doing with LINE Friends. I believe this is only available in Korea, so hopefully Singapore will also get to buy this. This packaging is adorable and I would definitely want to get a few products if I can get my hands on it.

I remember Missha cushion are slightly lighter as compared to Laneige, so if you are using 21 (for Laneige), you need to go a color up unless you prefer brighter or ‘glowier’ look, then you can still choose color 21.

Price: 23, 000 (~SGD$28.30)

Additional cushion puff refill in Brown and Choco which is uber cute. :)

Price: 5500 won for 4 piece. (~SGD$6.77)

B.B Cream with SPF 42 PA+++ (50ml)

I have never tried their B.B cream but color looks good and packaging is adorbs again. Price range is quite affordable for a mid-range bb cream.

Price: 15,800 won (~SGD$19.47)


The eyeshadow palettes are absolutely adorable, I would prefer the pinker range as the colors are more natural and for everyday application.

Price: 26,800 won (~SGD$33)

Mascara. Both looks black so I think is just the design that is different.

Price: 9000 won (~SGD$11.09)

Wish Stone Tint Water Gel

The lip colors are gorgeous and packaging is absolutely adorable. If I can only buy 1 item from this range, I will surely choose this.

Price: 6500 won (~SGD$8)

Tangle Jelly Pearl Plumper.

This product works like a lip plumper to make your lips appear fuller and ‘juicier’. The texture is jelly-like consistency. It can be used together with the tint water gel to have a more shimmery gloss finish.

Price: 8000 won (~SGD$9.85)

Hand creams, it is probably in 4 flavors, I will try to translate and update again.

Price: 3000 won (~SGD$3.69)

Nail Polish set. Good set to own if you are a nail polish lover.

Price: 9000 won (~SGD$11.09)

Perfect Cleansing Oil in Tissue aka makeup remover wipes

Price: 5000 won (~SGD6.16)

Artistool To Go Kit

The pouch looks pretty nice – the Brown design looks embroidered. This is good for travelling. I have a set of Missha brushes and the bristles are really soft. The price is quite reasonable but a good brush goes a long way and with proper care, it will last for a while.

Price: 20,000 won (~SGD$24)

There is supposedly an eyeshadow and brush set but I see from the website is OOS

Special Set

Price: 38,000 won (~SGD$46.81)

Collaboration with LINE friends will never go wrong and this set is absolutely adorable, especially if you are fans of Brown, Cony, Sally and Choco. Sadly, this is not available in Singapore. Fret not, you can still get it from ShopandBox and Airfrov. You can click on the link to find out how to use this 2 service to get your hands on limited edition products overseas.

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Through the years: Ayumi Hamasaki

Recently the biggest news in the Japanese entertainment industry is Namie Amuro’s retirement on 16 September 2018. Namie Amuro was one of the few pioneer artists part of the J-wave fever from the late 1990s to early 2000s. This got me thinking about one of my favourite Japanese singers of all time, Ayumi Hamasaki.
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Pili Fantasy World of Puppet Art 霹靂藝術科幻特展

Two months ago, I was in Taipei specifically for Pili’s latest exhibition: Pili Fantasy World of Puppet Art or 霹靂藝術科幻特展 (if you can read mandarin). This is by far the best puppet exhibition I have ever attended because of its grand scale and the “physical closeness” to the puppets. They were literally just centimetres away from me. You could see the puppets’ pores if they actually have pores.

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