Japan travelogue day 2: Disneyland 06.10.2016

I have always dreamt of going Tokyo but Japan is so expensive! Our Japan trip just happen due to many reasons and I was really stressed out at work + I was almost hospitalized due to suspected Pneumonia. So we decided to take a break and took a trip together to Japan.

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YSL Lipsticks

My collection of YSL lipsticks

imageI love makeup a lot and 1 of my favorite things to collect is lipstick. Although I may have 10 pink lipsticks, they are different shades of pink! Putting on lipstick transforms your look, I love pairing Red lipstick with just a simple winged eyeliner and it makes me feel complete.

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Review: Gobdigoun/곱디고운

imageAs you already know, I am a beauty junkie and am always keen to try out new beauty and skincare products. I was very excited when I was contact by Gobdigoun if I was interested to try out their products.

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