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Pili Fantasy World of Puppet Art 霹靂藝術科幻特展

Two months ago, I was in Taipei specifically for Pili’s latest exhibition: Pili Fantasy World of Puppet Art or 霹靂藝術科幻特展 (if you can read mandarin). This is by far the best puppet exhibition I have ever attended because of its grand … Continue reading

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Japan travelogue day 2: Disneyland 06.10.2016

I have always dreamt of going Tokyo but Japan is so expensive! Our Japan trip just happen due to many reasons and I was really stressed out at work + I was almost hospitalized due to suspected Pneumonia. So we … Continue reading

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World’s Thinnest Contact Lens

Advertorial Don’t we all want perfect eyesight? Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with good vision. Many of us have no choice but to wear glasses. However, we also want to look pretty, so we would often use contact lens as … Continue reading

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