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I have finally decided to update the “about us” section to give you more information about us :)

So, first and foremost…

Welcome to our blog! The reason I started this blog is loosely based on a suggestion from a close friend. It casually came during a evening dinner that maybe I should start doing a blog since I was always buying the latest makeup products and always having yummy food with my friends. I spend a good deal of my time hunting for good food, awesome deals and being a vain pot, I love buying makeup. Thus after much consideration, my blog is ‘born’! This blog is created to share my love for makeup and my many adventures in my life.

This blogs aims to share with readers on our passion (!!) for makeup, food hunting and traveling. I created a theme for each day, thus each day is categorized this way

  • Makeup Monday
  • Travel Tuesday
  • Whimsical Wednesday
  • Thrifty Thursday
  • Foodie/Favorites/Feature Friday

This blog is co-owned by 3 writers

  1. Alicia who loves to share her makeup adventures and gastronomical experiences.
  2. Angeline who loves sourcing for good deals!
  3. Karen who loves to travel and sharing her love for Japan and her culture.

The opinions expressed on the blog are those of us exclusively.

Most products and/or services seen here are purchased with our own money, unless otherwise stated.  Advertorial and/or sponsored item will be indicated clearly at the start of each post.

We take pride in giving honest, unbiased reviews. We will not allow our opinions to be wavered by sponsorships – We do accept freebies or service in payment. However, we believe honesty is the best policy and strive to give all readers our utmost honest opinions.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog! Feel free to share with us what you would like to see, read or have us experience :)


Companies who send us any gifts/good bags AND/OR invitations to pre-launch events we are NOT OBLIGATED to do blog post or promotional posts, of any sort, on all our social pages, unless prior agreement has been discussed and agreed upon.  Appreciate if you could contact me to discuss on the agreement.

For business/ sponsorship enquiries, do contact us

  • talktous@hydefied.com
  • hydefied@gmail.com
  • Leave a comment at our website

You can follow us on our social medias

  • Twitter: www.twitter.com/hydefied
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/hydefielifestyle
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/hydefied
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Full Time Daydreamer. Makeup junkie

I enjoy watching beauty videos on Youtube. It helped me to learn the basis on makeup.

I am a thrill seeker, and I enjoy roller coaster rides. I love history and would try to visit the museums once in a while.

In my free time, I enjoy photography (not professionally), scrapbooking, playing with make up.
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