Collectors Series: A Frozen Journey (Part 1)

Hello! The strange thing is whenever I have plans to do a post, other work-related stuff tends to pop up. So, yea, hence the delay. Sorry for the long wait, but hey, good things come to those who wait (haha, just me making excuses, opps).

Anyway, for now, my plans have kinda changed a little. Other than just posting random stuff, I’ve decided to create a Collectors Series, where I showcase different collectors and their prized possessions. Since, it’s Frozen season and I have truckloads of Frozen merchandise, why not do the next right thing and start off with myself? (yes, pun intended)

The first installment of the Collectors Series is none other than my Frozen collection! Let’s go into the unknown world of Karen’s Frozen Fever (yes, all of these puns are intentional).

To be honest, my collection is simply too huge to fit into one post, so this is just Part 1. Besides, having too many pictures might just make it harder to appreciate the individual items. The ones featured in this post are stuff that I bought recently and some older ones I purchased years ago. In Part 2, I will be showcasing the rest of the things I bought recently as well as other older merchandise that are not featured in this post. I thought it would be nice to have a mixture of old and new stuff in each post :)

Long story short, when I saw the first Frozen film in 2013, I was instantly hooked! I watched Frozen at least 20 times (could be more, but I lost count). For Frozen 2, I watched it 4 times (yes, your girl here is nuts). You might be wondering how can someone be so crazy about Frozen? Well, for me, the answer is actually pretty simple: I relate to Elsa on so many levels. I did some research on Elsa and realized that we have the same Myer-Briggs Personality Type! I know there are debates on whether Elsa is an INFJ or INTJ, but somehow when I took the test, I have gotten both INFJ and INTJ on different occasions. So there you go, the resemblance is real.

Enough of my story, here are my merchandise!!

These are the collectibles I got from the various cinemas in Singapore. I do believe I might have missed out including one or two items though.

Olaf ice-cream!

Technically, I have already eaten this “merchandise” lol

More ice-cream!

This tin contains cookies. Haven’t actually eaten them yet.

This is the other side of the same tin. Just thought I would show both sides.

How could I not buy Frozen milk? And it comes with stickers :)

Can we take a moment to appreciate the magic of this nightgown? I’m not only impressed by the design and color, but also how Disney Store shipped it together with the hanger.

I have another one or two of these T- shirts, I’ll show it in Part 2

This beautiful clutch mom bought me!

My humble collection of plushies. Most of them are from Japan, from the many many school trips to Japan. I also have the ones from Changi Airport, but those will be for Part 2.

These are mini keychain versions of the larger ones. Bought them on my last trip to Taiwan. They were cheaper due to tax relief and the exchange rate.

Bought together with the mini keychains. Decided to just get the Special Edition Elsa with Bruni.

My Anna nendoroid! For some strange reason, I didn’t get Elsa. Maybe I should have, but oh well.

This door curtain was made by yours truly :)

Bought these recently from Disney Store Japan. I will show close-ups cos they are just so pretty!

This is a case for post-its. It also comes with a mirror.

Tiny pouch.

File with pretty snowflakes :)

Another file :)

Small plushies. Comes with a chain and a pin.

I saved the best for last……. MY DOLLS!!!

My first two Limited Edition dolls from the first Frozen film! When I received them in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised by the details on the dolls and the size. Didn’t realise they were that huge. They are 17 inches while the regular ones are around 11 inches.

The sisters in Frozen Fever (Limited Edition version). I actually have the regular ones as well. I will share pictures in Part 2.

The next 3 are the regular Frozen 2 dolls sold at Disney Store. They are so much nicer than the Hasbro ones. Bonus: Elsa and Anna in their travel outfits sing too!

Of course, the best of the best: my Frozen 2 Limited Edition Dolls!  I like how Disney changed the moulds for the dolls so they don’t all look the same.

Close up of Elsa

Close up of Anna.

Yay, you made it to the end of this post! Hope you enjoyed Part 1 of A Frozen Journey!

Can’t get enough of Frozen? Stay tuned for episode 2 of the Collectors Series: A Frozen Journey (Part 2).


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Review: INTEGRATE Gel Liner (Limited Edition Snow White Series)

Before the rise of K-Beauty, Japanese beauty products used to dominate the market. Japanese makeup were really popular because they are heavily promoted during J-drama. If you have a favorite female J-artiste, high chance they are the ambassadors for a make-up brand (e.g. Ayumi for KOSE, Kyoko Fukada for Fasio etc).

The beauty industry in Japan is pretty big and you will probably recognised prominent brands like SK-II, Shiseido, Fancl and many more. These brands are considered high end and you may feel a pinch in your wallet if you invest your money in them in the long run.

To be able to cater to everyone, regardless of their monthly incomes, Japanese brands has also a number of more affordable brands in the market that targets high school students who may not have high spending power. We always trust that Japanese brands are more reliable and reputable, so doesn’t mean you are paying for an eyeliner that is inexpensive means the quality is rubbish.

These brands include Canmake, Kate, Cezanne and Integrate (the brand I am about to write about).

One of my recent discovery in my trip to Taiwan this year, and through many popular Taiwanese Youtuber, I was introduced to this makeup brand: INTEGRATE.

INTEGRATE is one of the few inexpensive and affordable makeup range that falls under Shiseido umbrella. Most of their products cost 1/3 less that the high end brands under Shiseido.

Today, I am going to share my thoughts on one of their gel eyeliner which my sister helped me bought in Taiwan in her recent trip there.

While Disney has given us many prominent Disney princesses, who has inspired us to achieve their timeless beauty, no one can deny the most OG legendary (not pokemon!) princess we had – Snow White. We all remembered Snow White to have “air as black as ebony, lips as red as the rose, skin as white as snow”, Snow White has stood the test of generation and time, til now there are still little girls who says that Snow White is their favourite Princess.

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of Snow White, INTEGRATE has collaborated with Disney to release a limited edition Snow White design makeup series which features 8 lovely products that includes perfume, nail polishes, and colorful gel eyeliners.

My sister helped me to buy PK400 Pink and BR700 Brown. I tried PK400 during CNY this year and I really fell in love with their products.

The packaging is to die for if you are SW fan.

The gel eyeliner has a pink glitter which brightens your eye and can be use as part of your eyeshadow if you are too lazy to apply eyeshadow.

I tried it when I was on my way to River Hongbao, the gel eyeliner is very easy to apply, even for beginners, and the color is very pigmented and long lasting.

I drew it up to the crease of my eye to open up my eyes, with the illusion of double eyelid and top it with a liquid eyeliner to elongate my eyes and made it more defined.

Overall, the application is really easy-peasy and is great especially for make-up newbies who are learning to use the eye liner as the liner is 3MM thick. Apparently the eyeliner melts when it touches your skin which means application is a breeze and you do not need to tug on your eyelids (which caused wrinkles) to get the color on.

The color is really gorgeous and suits my skin tone. It lasted me through River Hongbao which was really hot and humid, no smudge or disappearing color as it is sebum, water and sweat proof.

the only down side is that currently this brand is only available in Taiwan or Japan. It is selling at 1096 Yen, or NTD238. As this is limited edition design, it may not be available anymore, but do try their other products which are highly raved about.

I have also bought their foundation which I would share in my future post. do let me know what other products I should try from INTEGRATE or if you have other recommendation.

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Review: Flower Knows Rococo Cat 花知晓猫猫舞会四色眼影

Flower Knows is a makeup line created by 2 popular cosplayer Hana & Baozi. I first got to know Hana & Baozi as they make regular appearance for our annual Anime Festival Asia (AFA). I came across the post on AFA Facebook page that they are selling their makeup line during AFA 2018 and I was rather intrigued to check out their collection.

Thanks to my sister who has a Taobao account, I bought a few of their collection and I am sharing on my thoughts on 1 of the items I bought. Do look out for a few more post in the coming week for more products from them.

This was 1 of my choice because come on, the packaging is so darn cute. Kitties in aristocrats outfit. :) The one I bought was Katherine and Anthony. I had wanted to get all 4 colors but my sister stopped me and knocked some sense into me that I should get 1 or 2 to try before getting more.

The reason why I choose Anthony as this colors were more pink shades. it has a mix of matte and shimmer eyeshadow – so you are more or less covered.

I would usually apply the top left pink shimmer eyeshadow up to the crease of my eyelid, then I would use the matte orange (bottom right) at the end of my eye to create a more “smokey” look. Then I would do a black winged eyeliner to make my eyes more 3D. and my double eyelid is created.

These are the color swatches against my skin tone.

What I like about the product

  1. Packaging is pretty adorable.
  2. For a price of 75yuan (~SGD$15), you get a choice of 2 shimmer and 2 matte complimentary colors. it is really helpful especially for amateurs makeup user.
  3. It is pretty compact and flat so it makes it more convenient to travel with.

What I dislike about this product

  1. The color transfer from my brush to my eyes is pretty meh. Especially for the matte colors – it takes at least 3 application for the color to show. (you can see from the swatch above.)
  2. The fall out is quite bad, after dipping my brush in it a few times, my vanity is quite a mess.
  3. The shimmer shadow is really pretty but the shimmer is pretty chunky and you need to be careful not to apply too much onto the brush. I tried it last week and I had a hard time blending the shimmer across my eyelid.
  4. The packaging is cute but feels like thick cardboard – which makes it pretty cheap. If you are intending to bring it overseas, I would recommend to put it in a ziplock bag as I feel it will disintegrate if it is caught in the rain.
  5. there is no brush provided so you will need to use your fingers for application or have your own eye-shadow brush.

Overall, I do not really recommend this product because I do not think the application is easy as it is harder to blend out. The color payout and pigmentation is really lacking. however, if you are a fan of Hana & Baozi and want to support them, it is still a memorabilia to collect as the packaging is pretty nice.

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