Review: STUNNA Lip Paint by Fenty Beauty

I am very much obsessed with Rihanna and the first product I bought from Fenty Beauty was her foundation (reviews coming soon). I am been really impressed by the quality and how meticulous Rihanna creates her beauty line. She ensures that her brand caters to every woman of every shade and skintone. Therefore, I was very excited when she released the STUNNA Lip Paint. Stunna is a red lipgloss and if you read my blog or visit my instagram, you would often see me with red lips :)

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Review: Sudio Vasa BlÄ


Music has been a big part of my commuting life. Wherever I go, I am always plugged in and it is also a good way to ignore approaching salespersons (pretend you did not hear them :P).

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[Review] Hiruscar Anti Acne Range

I was part of Sample Store Seeder Program and was able to try out this Hiruscar Anti Acne series of skincare.

About my skin: I have oily combination skin. My T-zone tend to get oily and there are many sebum buildup. However my cheek area tends to get dry. Occasionally, I do get pimples popping up, especially during stress periods, or even time of the months.

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